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Things are going to be so different on Sunday. Or course, no fans. But, the game-day presentation team for the Buffalo Bills is giving us all that they can for the game, as well as for the players.

1.) You will hear the audio from Bills fans yelling and cheering throughout the game. It is a 90-minute long audio bit that will loop throughout the game.

2.) Our own Clay Moden is the PA announcer for the games at Bills stadium and will continue to do the announcing during the game this Sunday even without fan. Josh Allen commented about how it was 'normal' during their scrimmage to hear the announcing and some of the normal elements of the game at One Bills Drive. If you listen closely, you may be able to hear him through the TV.

3.) During commercial breaks, the absence of the Bills Mafia will really be present to the players. So, the Bills will use your hype videos so the players can get excited to see you guys, even while you're not there.

If you're at home and want to get in the spirit, the Buffalo Bills have Bills Fan Boxes available that you can purchase to get to your house before the game. Each box is designed by a different Bills player and will include a shirt and non-apparel items. All the money raised goes to charities of the player's choice. This week, Jerry Hughes designed the shirt and will include a rally towel and face mask. Each box is different and they are $45 each.

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