Buffalo fans were ticked at Jack Eichel yesterday.

There is no doubt that the situation that ended his career in Buffalo was messy in the end. It should have never gotten that point. Eichel wants to get an artificial disc replacement and the Sabres were saying that he could not do it. The contracts make the team have the power there. They suggested that Jack get a fusion. The fans were ticked, though not because he is leaving, but because it seemed as though he never acknowledged this city and the Buffalo fans that supported him.

If you are confused or think: "Why would the Buffalo Sabres do this?" you are not alone. We don't know what REALLY was the thought process, but here are the things we do know. Now that Jack Eichel has been traded to the Las Vegas Golden Knights, they pre-determined that they would let him get the surgery.

  • Jack Eichel plans to have his surgery coming up next week, on November 11 or 12
  • No hockey player in the National Hockey League has ever gotten this surgery, and because it is so new that seems to be the reason the Sabres did not want Eichel to get the surgery.
  • It takes about 6 weeks to be cleared to skate.
  • It will take about 3 months to be cleared to go back to playing.

Jack went on his own little media tour yesterday after the news broke that he was traded to Las Vegas. He talked to the boys that run the Spittin Chiclets:

A lot of people don't know this but I told Buffalo that if they let me get the surgery I would come back and play there. I hope that the fans in Buffalo understand. I was adamant about getting the surgery before anything else and you know, you could talk about things that have happened in the past and I understand the Sabres are rebuilding and I have respect for Kevyn Adams and the organization and I wanted to play hockey, I wanted to get healthy....

You can watch the Jack Eichel interview here:

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