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I’m Shaping Up For Summer!
Last year about this time, I was in a good place in terms of trying to eat better and exercise. I had a really good summer staying on course, but last fall, I admit, I fell completely off the wagon so to speak.
Buffalo Gets Healthy Beef
This one will make the health conscious meat eater's mouth water!  A supermarket in Buffalo is now the first in the U.S. to start selling a healthier form of beef (allegedly, the story goes).
Healthy Choices
I know a lot of people made New Year’s resolutions they’ve already dropped. One of the biggest problems is that some people just can’t resist junk food, but there’s a way to get your junk food fix without all the added calories. It mean…
How Healthy Is the Salad You Eat?
I came across an article that listed some of the most pointless salad ingredients.
Salads are supposed to be healthy – usually raw vegetables full of vitamins and minerals, but then we add all kinds of things to make it unhealthy – or questionable at the very least.
I don’t completely agree with every…

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