Intermussen - Describe Dyngus Day
According to Polish custom Dyngus Day is a traditional fertility rite celebration following Lent.  The Monday following Easter each year women target the men that catch their eye while the guys squirt women with water.  It's all in good fun with food, drinks and dancing involved...
Intermussen - Are You In Your Dream Career?
Many people just kind of end up in a profession.  For many it was just a matter of circumstances that brought them into a line of work.  I know people who had no idea what they wanted to do even during their senior year in college.
I wander the corridors during intermissions at Buffalo Sabres home games and ask fans questions about whatever comes to my mind. We call it Intermussen. Usually there's a theme, and this time since it was the day before Presidents Day I thought I'd test people's knowledge of U.S. hist…