1st Interview Ever
Look at their hair-doos back then! This is gold! Check out what they looked like in this video when they were first starting out!
The Goo Goo Dolls are a Buffalo staple in Buffalo, but at one point they were just your WNY garage band. Back when they first began they appearred on "The Cat&apo…
Lockport Man Wins Chance To Interview WWE's Charlotte Flair
It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Your favorite sport is coming for an event in your city and one of their athletes is coming in for an interview.  The radio station calls and they tell you that  you've won the opportunity to ask her some does that feel…
Earl Dibbles Jr. Makes A Pick
Granger Smith stopped by to hang out with Brett Alan before his show at the Toyota Taste of Country last Friday night at Coca Cola field.  While he was there we talked about the origin of Earl Dibbles Jr. and even got him to pick a winner on one of this year's games!

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