Jimmy Kimmel

Bills Fans Get Shout Out
Listen to the great Peyton Manning talk about Buffalo Bills fans on Jimmy Kimmel this week!
It's actually a funny story. Manning and Kimmel talk about Peyton being the #1 rated fantasy football player of all time, but he turns and says either way he loves the diehard fans...
Happy Chanukah!
For those of us who try not to take life too seriously and like a good laugh, check out this Jimmy Kimmel bit that Jake Owen delivered last week!
It's pretty darn funny!
Kimmel's Mean Tweets
This is one of my favorite features that is on late night television. People hide behind social media all the time and now they get called out for the world to see. Last night in honor of the CMAs, Jimmy Kimmel gave us "Mean Tweets: Country Star Edition"...
Color Me Bradd Performs
It's a little weird but kinda nice. It will definitely make you go, "wait...what?" Check out Brad Paisley perform with Color Me Badd for Mash-Up Monday on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
I can't wait to see what two artists he mashes up next week. It's kinda like CMT Crossroa…
Singing Tinder
Tinder, a popular place to hook up LOL I don't get it, but I guess if you're looking for a no strings fling its a place for that.
Jimmy Kimmel is always coming up with creative funny bits for his show and this time he's gotten 3 time Grammy winner Kelly Clarkson to sing some Tinder use…

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