The Bills weren't the only Great Lakes Region group to head across the pond for the game. THE Ohio State University Marching Band (The Best Damn Band In The Land) traveled to perform at Wembley before the NFL match up that many WNY's probably don't want to relive, BUT if you missed th…
3rd Straight Loss
I hope the Buffalo Bills enjoyed their vacation in London because that's certainly how they played their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Bills quarterback E J Manuel was expected to manage the game and don't lose it.  But an absolutely awful first half is in large pa…
Don’t Mess With The Queen’s Guards [VIDEO]
One of the many tourist attractions in London are the castle guards - at Buckingham Palace and at the homes of the various members of the Royal Family.  One of those residences is Clarence House.  Over the years Clarence House has been the home of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, Prince Charles an…
Olympic Medal Count Update!
China and the United States seem to be running away with most of the medals in this 2012 Olympics.  As of this morning China leads the way with 17 gold and 30 total medals.  United States is close behind in the medal count with 29, but only 12 of them are gold!  France has 13 total me…
London Mayor Gets Stuck on a Zipline [VIDEO]
The Olympics are well underway, but that didn't stop the Mayor of London from trying another stunt to put his city on the map.  However, his stunt lost momentum and left him dangling above a crowd of confused people below.
What is the Most Difficult Event at the Olympic Games? [POLL]
Last night, I did what many people end up doing late at night when the Olympics are on: I found myself watching a sport that I didn't even know existed.  It was called the men's canoe doubles, and it looked ridiculously hard. Which got me thinking -- what is the hardest event at …
Dude Tries to Steal Olympic Torch! [VIDEO]
The Olympics are right around the corner, July 27th to be exact.  One tradition of the Olympics is the running of the torch.  Watch, as one dumb guy tries to steal the torch from the carrier.  Check out how quickly the runner's entourage gets rid of the idiot!!
Which Olympic Event are You Most Likely to Watch? [POLL]
The Summer Olympics in London are right around the corner, and many people are psyched to see how America will fare this year. According to the website, the most popular events that most people tune in for are 1. Gymnastics, 2. Track & Field and 3. Swimming/Diving.

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