The new year is about to bring about some changes in New York State. In 2024, there will be a new minimum wage, new laws and new fees for some. There was a report this year that legislation is being introduced that would take an extra fee on registrations on larger vehicles in New York State.

Those who drive a larger vehicle always seem to be under attack. From an increase in tolls to getting hammered by higher gas and diesel prices, there is always some sort of extra charge to own a pickup or and SUV in the Empire State. As New York State gets ready to become more "green" and energy efficient, the future of gas powered trucks is limited.

The report that was published in mid 2023 indicated that there is a push to increase the fee to register a larger vehicle as a result of safety concerns.

According to an article from

(State Assemblymember Zohran Mamdani ) is co-introducing legislation for a weight-based vehicle-registration fee intended to discourage people from purchasing heavier vehicles. “The car industry is pushing the sale of heavier and larger vehicles,” he says. “The state has to make it clear that these types of vehicles come with a certain kind of cost.”

As far as traveling around New York State and New York City, the fees are getting higher and higher!

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