Bills fans are everywhere.  This fall there are going to be a ton of them in London.  Want to meet up to cheer them on?

Football season is almost here.  Training camp starts today for the Bills and fans are starting to get pumped about what could be a huge year for the Bills.  If you're one of those fans that has already made up your mind that you're going to London to support the Bills when then take on the Jags on October 8th, you're going to want to map out your trip right now.  Want to hang out with other Bills fans before the game?  That's what Bills Backers Bars are all about.

What is a Bills Backer Bar?

Bills Backer Bars are bars that are all over the country where Buffalo Bills fans can get together and have a couple drinks.  They could be there to watch the game, or the draft, or to raise some money for a charity, they're bars that support Buffalo Bills fans. It's simple as that.

Bills Backers Bars are everywhere

If you're going to be out of town on business and you want to catch a game in Philly, you'll find some there.  Maybe your nephew is getting married in Phoenix and you don't want to miss the game.  Chances are, that game isn't going to be on the regular local stations in Phoenix, but they'll have it at a Bills Backer Bar.  There are over 400 Bills Backers Bar chapters across the country.

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Where are the Bills Backer Bars in the United Kingdom?

Bills Backers United Kingdom

Follow social media and website for meeting location updates

Chapter President(s): Matt Swain


UK Bills Backers

Fitzrovia Belle

174 Tottenham Court Road

London, W1T 7NT, United Kingdom

Chapter President: Matt Swain


Buffalo Bills Manchester

Junior Jackson's

64 Oldham Street

Manchester, M4 1LE, United Kingdom

Chapter President: Dalton Weir




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