OJ Simpson

Oj Teared Up
Simpson has been serving up to 33 years for a 2007 armed robbery in Las Vegas. The former Buffalo Bill star running back was up for his parole hearing in Nevada where he was granted early parole and will be released in October.
Simpson apologized to the court, but there was one time he teared up, whe…
Live On TV
The notorious Buffalo Bills running back, OJ Simpson is up for parole coming up on Thursday and it will air live so the entire country can zero in on the action just as it did all those years ago during the Nicole Brown case.
The parole hearing will broadcast live at 1 PM, Buffalo time on ESPN...
OJ In Jail
OJ Simpson is serving a 33 year prison term for burglary, assault, robbery and kidnapping.  Sounds terrible, right?  According to a report on Inside Edition, OJ Simpson might not have it as bad as you'd think.
New Book Offers Proof O-J Is Innocent
Just got done reading a story in the Huffington Post about a new book that claims O-J Simpson was not the killer of his wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman.  William C. Dear, a private investigator, claims after years of research, he has proof O-J was not the killer and he has proof.  He …