It's been 4 decades since a player has worn the number 32 on the field for the Bills.  That's about to change this year.

If you are a sports fan, certain numbers will always be associated in your mind with certain players.  For example, even though Michael Jordan changed his number from 23 to 45 for a little while, he will always be remembered as wearing 23.  Bruce Smith will always be 78.  Tom Brady will always be 12.

But what happens when that number is tarnished?

OJ Simpson was a really good football player.  Regardless of what happened after he left the NFL, he was an incredible athlete.

They never retired his number though.  While the numbers 12 (Jim Kelly), 34 (Thurman Thomas) and 78 (Bruce Smith) have been off the market, number 32 has always been available.  But for 40 years no player for the Buffalo Bills has worn it.

However, according to Tim Graham at The Athletic, this year that's going to change.

Senorise Perry was picked up from the Dolphins in the off season and it looks as though he will be taking that number.

“On one hand, wearing the number of a Hall of Famer creates a high expectation," Perry said. “I thought it was retired, but then I was told it was available. Boom, I took it." - Senorise Perry (Sports Illustrated)

The last guy to wear that number was the first running back to ever run for 2000 yards in one season.  It looks like this year we will see if it's the number or the player.

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