Pumpkin Spice

New Iced Capp Flavors Start At Tim Hortons Today!
WHAT?!?! Yes, fall is almost here because Pumpkin Spice is starting to seep through into our food and drinks!
Today, Tim Hortons is starting to serve their Pumpkin Spice Iced Capps to kick off the season of fall flavors! Also starting today is OREO and TWIX flavored Iced Capps...
Buffalo Will Smell Like PSL Soon
It's happening.
It's only August 8th, but the pumpkin spice trend is already creeping in; and the question is – will our city now smell like pumpkin spice instead of regular old Cheerios?
General Mills announced the new flavor is coming soon – soon enough to be on sale everywhere…
Would You Try It?
This time of year everything is coming up pumpkin spice!  I'm not really much of a fan but get that it's a favorite of many.  Pumpkin spiced latte's are popular, but what if it were deep fried?
Here's how you can make that happen.