The fall is here! The arrival of cooler weather, changing leaves and of course everything pumpkin spice!

Beyond the grade decorations and football, there are some great smells of the fall as well, especially when it comes to the kitchen. I put together a list of some of the foods that when you smell them you cannot avoid at least a little taste.

Top Foods We Can't Pass Up Based On Smell

Popcorn in the movie theater is one of the best smells of all time. Heck, even popcorn at the office (when it’s not burned) is something that is irresistible to your senses. But I think that the smell of pumpkin pie fresh from the oven during the fall is one of the greatest smells of all time.

The smells of certain foods bring back so many memories or put you back into a place that you remember. For example, who can forget the smell of a chicken barbecue while you are walking up and down the midway at the Erie County Fair? Or that amazing smell of fresh wings just out of the fryer with your favorite sauce on them at your favorite local tavern or restaurant?

Even those who don’t drink coffee to start their day would agree that the smell of fresh roasted coffee beans or freshly ground beans is invigorating.

As you scroll through this list , It also is amazing how just seeing the photos can automatically make you feel like you’re smelling the item right away.

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