People love pumpkin spice.  We get it.  But there is a limit.  Right?  Is this going a little too far?

It seems like these days as soon as the weather starts to turn or the first leaf begins to show that it's changing color a switch is flipped in restaurants and coffee shops everywhere. It's like a light comes on and suddenly it's Pumpkin Spice Time!!

I thought that Kraft was a little nuts with their "Pumpkin Spice Macaroni & Cheese."  But this is a couple steps over that line.

How about a Pumpkin Spice Oil Change?

I don't know about you, but a pumpkin spice oil change sounds awful!  I'd imagine it would have a bit of a greasy taste to it. We've seen deodorant that was pumpkin spice, White Claws, heck...even Twinkies that were pumpkin spiced.  But an oil change??

Yes...we know it's a joke, and it's poking fun at exactly the thing that we're talking about.

The sign looks like it's outside John Paschen's Service Center on the corner of Kenmore and Englewood in Buffalo.

Good for you guys! Way to make some people smile today.


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