shocking video

Won't Believe It!
Last weekend, Larry The Cable Guy was watching the Nebraska Cornhuskers game from a suite.  While he was there, a young army vet challenged him to an arm wrestling match.  You won't believe what happened next.
Destroy's His Car
It's pretty sad to watch videos like this.  This girl is a young doctor who is currently in school at The University of Miami.  Should I say...she was going to be a young doctor.  When things like this happen, it can ruin an entire career.
Immediately Regrets It
I'm not exactly sure how fighting became acceptable in hockey but sometimes it's the most exciting part of the game.  Refs are supposed to be there to keep order and break up the fights - not be a part of them.
Flash Flood!!
Yesterday a flash flood swept through a border town between Arizona and Utah.  Eight people died and five are still missing.  I remember thinking yesterday when I heard the news, "How could you NOT see a flood coming."  Well, watch this video and see just how quickly it overtakes the land.
Bumper Surfing!!
This video comes after an argument took place in a parking lot.  The argument stemmed from a gay slur that was directed toward the man who is standing behind the white car. When he decides not to get out from behind the car, the driver decides instead to just try to run him over.
She Didn't Deserve It!
We all love a good sport right?  Well, sometimes we like the villain too.  Meet Sheislane Hayalla.  She was the runner-up in the Miss Amazonas pageant in Manaus, Brazil.  But she didn't think so.  She thought she was the winner, and wanted everyone to know it!
Horrifying Video
Prepare yourself for this one.  Imagine you're at home when a man suddenly comes to your door and kicks it in.  Then he walks through with a machete!  That's what happened to James Cvengros and his girlfriend Kaila Gearhart's  Idaho home.
Beach C-Section
This is one of the craziest things I've seen.  A family came up on a shark that was dead on the beach.  Although it was dead, someone saw movement in her belly and assumed she must be pregnant.
Black Friday Fights!
People will lose their minds for a good deal on Black Friday.  What started out as a great way for companies to get themselves out of the red, has turned into a fighting frenzy of people willing to bust someone else's lip for a flat screen.
Right At Him
This is getting out of control.  So many people are pulling their phones out to video tape their encounters with police officers these days that they've lost track of the fact that those officers have a job to do.  Granted, there are crooked cops out there.  But they're not all out to get you.  However, they do need your cooperation.
Goes Off On Ref
Somebody needs a time out.  Watch as this Croatian boxer first loses his match and then his temper.

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