This is getting out of control.  So many people are pulling their phones out to video tape their encounters with police officers these days that they've lost track of the fact that those officers have a job to do.  Granted, there are crooked cops out there.  But they're not all out to get you.  However, they do need your cooperation.

Keep in mind that normally when an officer is pulling you over or questioning you, he doesn't know if you're a threat to him or not.  They need to protect themselves from the bad people.  However, one way that you can prove that you're not one of the bad guys is by doing as he says.  If an officer gives you a command, you need to do as they say.


According to The Free Thought Project, this video took place in La Quinta, California.  The man who was refusing to get down was Alejandro Natividad,a passenger in a car that got pulled over.

We were on our way to my friends house and we were at a stop light. When the light turned green my friend began to make some weird motions and really freaking me out. I told him the light was green and he had a deer in a headlights look. A deputy walked up and asked what was going on I told him he was acting weird I don’t know. He asked if we had any weapons and I said ‘no.’

At this time my friend was still doing some weird motions and finally answered the deputies question if he was okay. I had mentioned that we’re in the middle of the street and he came to and stepped on the gas and drove onto the corner. I jump out of the car and walked out with my hands up and was standing where the recording took place. Deputy drives up comes out of his vehicle with his gun drawn. That’s when I decided to record.”


When he was asked why he refused to lay on the ground he responded,

I wasn’t under arrest the deputy even admits that I did nothing yet had a gun pointed at me. Where’s the logic in that? I was afraid and if I was going to get harmed I’d much rather take it standing than on my face.”
Now, before you flip out and start saying that all cops are corrupt, put the shoe on the other foot.  If you're that cop and two people are acting very suspiciously right before you pull them over, then one of them refuses to comply with the things you're asking them to do, wouldn't the hair be up on the back of your neck too?

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