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Buffalo’s Deals For National Sponge Candy Day
Sponge Candy.
In Buffalo, we hold the distinctions of having some of the most unusual celebrations. We have huge parties for Dyngus Day, St. Patrick's Day...and sponge candy. Who do you think has the best sponge candy in Buffalo? There is National Sponge Candy day and it's always September …
Sponge Candy Bar
It's a new "Sponge Candy Bar" and it's from Fowler's.

With little pieces of sponge candy in a milk chocolate bar, you're going to want to try this.
Buffalo's Best Sponge Candy
It's back! Tomorrow is National Sponge Candy Day! Buffalo is the Sponge Candy Capital of the world. So obviously, people are very particular about where they get their sponge candy from.
Eye Candy!
Oh man did my mouth water when I saw this. Amanda who works in our Digital Department here at WYRK sent video to Brett Alan that I immediately confiscated in order to share with you!! Man I love chocolate and seeing it being poured like this is to die for...
Top Regional Foods
We may know the secrets of Buffalo, but those outside may not understand the wonders of Western New York food. Check out this list that Buzzfeed put together of "awesome regional" foods that everyone should try! Buffalo makes the list with item number 14...

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