Today is National Junk Food Day!  It's something that Buffalo kind of wrote the book on.  So what are Buffalo's best junk foods?

Now, before we go too far, it feels important to note that even though it's called "Junk" food, it doesn't mean it's all bad.  Junk food is kind of categorized into foods that don't hold a lot of great nutritional value and are normally high in fats and sugars.  So yeah, if you ate it all the time, like every day for every meal, it could be bad for you.

But let's be's soooo good.

We're talking about the foods  you crave.  They're guilty pleasure foods - the ones that you know you shouldn't eat a lot of but you find yourself going back for them over and over again.

They say that the best way to celebrate National Junk Food Day is to indulge a little.  Have the chips that you normally skip.  Enjoy a candy bar that you normally wouldn't.  The idea is to make today your cheat day.  They add that you can also take a little bit of a longer walk or do a little extra yardwork to burn off the excess calories.

Ok...If I have to I will.

So where do we start in Buffalo.  If we want some of the best Junk Food that Buffalo has to offer, what should be on the list?  One thing that Buffalo is very good at is making delicious food.  From sweet to savory, we've got it all and we can wash it down with a couple beverages.

The hard part is not making every day "Junk Food Day."

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