Veterans Day

My Favorite Veteran
It’s Veteran’s Day, and we here at WYRK would like to thank everyone who has served and is currently serving in our United States Military. I would like to take a couple seconds to stop and say thank you to one veteran in particular. He’s my favorite v…
Honoring The Nation’s Veterans
Today is Veterans Day – honoring the men and women who’ve served and defended our country. It’s also a day to give thanks to the members of the military serving around the world and their families who make sacrifices too.
Honoring Local Veterans
Happy Veterans Day! Today is a day set aside to honor our servicemen and -women -- and there's no better way to do that than to hear their stories.
Veterans, Thank You For Your Service
Today and tomorrow we pay tribute to American veterans.  The president will lay a wreath at the Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier.  Thousands of people will show their support for our service men and women by lining the streets of New York City for the nation's Veterans Day Parade.
Celebrate Veterans Day in Buffalo
The words "American" and "freedom" are synonymous with each other. If the freedoms we possess were gone, we would, in essence, not be Americans. Therefore, it is extremely important to observe and celebrate the freedoms we have and honor those who fought to gain and retain those …

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