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Mastering the Yard Sale — 10 Tips from ‘American Pickers’
Going to a yard sale can sometimes be overwhelming. With rows of items at low prices, you may not know where to begin. But there's no need to become flustered and head back to the car! Put your keys away because we have 10 tips for you courtesy of Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz from The History Channel’s American Pickers. Now, your next yard sale outing can turn into your own little version of the te
World’s Largest Yard Sale
Got stuff to sell?  Looking for some great bargains?  It's all at the World's Largest Yard Sale, Saturday, September 22nd, 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM at the Erie County Fairgrounds in Hamburg.  It's a twice a year event and back in May 8,000 shoppers turned out.  You won't get that kind of turnout at your own garage sale.
5 Tips for Yard Sale Success
If you ever look around your house and think “How did I accumulate so much stuff?!” it might be time to clean out your garage and have a yard sale. You have to sell your old junk before you can buy new junk, after all! In order to bring in the big bucks, check out these five tips to help make your yard sale a success.
The World’s Largest Yard Sale – May 12th!
That's right folks!! The World's Largest Yard Sale is Saturday, May 12th at the Fairgrounds in Hamburg.  Gates open at 8:30am and the sale runs through 4:00pm.  Last year, over 7,000 shoppers attended the event and left with some great finds.