As you probably know by now, the World's Largest Yard Sale is just a week away!  Do your spring cleaning this weekend, and turn that stuff into CASH! You can get your own table for next weekend here. That's ONE way to make some extra scratch!

I found a site that actually lists a BUNCH of ways to make extra money, and they're all perfectly legal. ;)  I cherry-picked the five below to get ya started...



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    Sell Your Junk Mail

    This works for both paper (snail) and digital (email) stuff!

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    Open Another Bank Account

    TONS of banks want your business and will pay you (some up to $250) to open an account with them. Bonus: MANY are in Buffalo!

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    Watch More TV!

    Answer trivia about shows that were on last night and get paid!

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    Test Websites

    You can make $30/hour, letting new websites know how you like the site, how easy navigation is, etc!

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    Sell The Pictures You Take With Your Phone!

    A beautiful sunrise? Gorgeous sunset? Wildlife? Just about anything you take a picture of could make you some coin!