Many times when I talk to young turkey hunters, I get bombarded with questions about camo.  What is the best camo to use? Does it make a difference what pattern I use?  The most important element of using camo is to use it properly. The brand and pattern does not make a difference in my opinion. But do make sure you are completely covered when you enter the woods.  Turkeys have incredibly keen eyesight.  It's been said they can spot movements at 200 yards. The last thing you need to do is spook a bird because you didn't have your camo gloves on and they saw the sunlight catch your ring or watch. If a turkey sees that, he'll be gone.  When I head into the woods, about the only part of me that is exposed are my eyes. 

This Sunday, May 1st. is opening day of Spring Turkey Season.  Please be safe and good hunting to you.  And if you bag a bird this weekend, please email me a picture and we'll post it up here on the website.

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