There have been multiple recalls in the New York State area over the last few weeks and now there is another that has been posted by Target stores and a specific candle product.

The internet and social media have been ideal for getting the word out about product recalls and dangers that consumers need to be aware of.

Target has announced the recall of a certain candle due to what has been reported as a safety issue.

The candle’s jar can crack or break during use, posing laceration and burn hazards.

Here in New York State, there have also been a string of vandalism cases reported this summmer.

There has been a string of vandalism this summer to businesses in the Syracuse, New York area and it seems to be happening at similar locations.

According to reports, a masked man was recently seen at CAGO Auto Group on Erie Boulevard East, where almost all 21 cars in the lot were damaged. Other auto dealers down Erie Boulevard are also having issues with thefts, trespassing, and more.

There are some photos and videos of what appears to be a suspect in this cases in the Syracuse area.

Vandalisms have continued at CAGO Auto Group in Syracuse, as well as other auto shops in the area, and Syracuse Police are looking to find a vandal

Business owners have been through so much in New York State over the last few years. From the COVID pandemic, to the ever rising taxes, it has been a struggle for businesses in the Empire State. When you add the headache and worry of vandalism and theft, it is all that owners can do to stay afloat.

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