I know.  Nobody wants to think about taxes.  But if you want to avoid huge headaches when filing day comes, this list will come in handy.

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How many times have you heard someone ask if they know anyone that's good that could prepare their taxes?  It happens all the time.  When you find someone you really like, you normally stick with them.  But what if your tax specialist is suddenly not able to help you anymore?  Most of the time they retire and you're left to search for someone. In my case, our guy was elderly and sadly passed away.  We loved him.  He always did a great job and we never had any trouble.

So last year we went to someone new.  Within 5 minutes of sitting at their desk, we knew we were going to need yet another tax service.   We weren't going back there.  It just wasn't a match for us.

When you're looking for someone to do your taxes for you, you have to be able to trust them.  Experience is huge because you want to know if there's a deduction that will save you some money, they're going to be aware of it.  You want someone that will make it easy on you and not make you feel like you're an idiot because you don't read tax law books every night before bed.  Nobody likes having taxes done.  It's not fun.  But you want to do what you're supposed to do and hopefully get a little money back...or at the very least break even.

So where do you go?

Just like in any business, word of mouth is huge.  I checked out some of the reviews online for tax prep services in Western New York, and these are some of the best that came up.  They're scattered all over the area, so if you're looking for one this year, this list might help you.

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