Taylor Swift is great at making dreams come true. In an effort to promote her newest fragrance, Wonderstruck Enchanted, Swift stars in a new Macy's commercial in which she makes a store manager's hopes and dreams a reality... sort of.

The star-studded commercial actually advertises products made by a number of fan-favorite stars, including Justin Bieber, Diddy, Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, and Carlos Santana. A Macy's store manager arrives at work to see all of these celebrities trying out their products, and he immediately wanders off into a dream world -- because surely, this can't be real. He can envision himself playing guitar with Santana, having Martha Stewart serve him breakfast in bed and playing wingman to the Biebs while he puts on an in-store performance.

Near the end of the one-minute clip, the Macy's associate climbs a ladder to make a display of Swift's bright red Wonderstruck perfume boxes when he falls down and she swoops in to catch him and saves the day. Eventually, he snaps back to reality, but not before imagining himself twirling around the store with the 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' hitmaker.

This celeb-heavy 2012 Macy's commercial is just one installment of the store's new 'What's in Store' initiative. It's fun to see your favorite celebrities collide on the television screen, isn't it? And we're guessing that in the Macy's store manager's dreams, the country star smells incredible.

Later this month, when the red Wonderstruck Enchanted perfume bottle (coincidentally the same color as the title of Swift's upcoming album) arrives on Macy's store shelves, we'll have a chance to take a whiff. Until then, we're just daydreaming.

Watch Taylor Swift in a New Macy's Commercial