Swifties throughout Western New York - should we be more concerned about this?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that Taylor Swift made an appearance at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday to watch her rumored new man Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs stomp the Chicago Bears 41-10. 

Online Taylor Swift sleuths have broken down everything about her attention-grabbing visit, from her outfit to how she escaped the stadium to where her and the team dined afterwards.

But one teeny tiny detail about Swift’s surprise Sunday has the potential to cause a major rift between her and her Buffalo, New York fans.

Buffalo Swifties Have A Massive Reason To Be Disappointed

In the eyes of a dedicated Taylor Swift fan, she can do no wrong - but even icons can make a misstep from time to time, and our beloved Tay Tay is no exception. Buffalo-area Swifties have a big reason to be bummed out by a choice Swift made this past Sunday at the Chiefs game.

Shockingly, it’s not because she was showing her allegiance to one of the Bills’ fiercest AFC Conference rivals (but ask us again later in the season).

It’s also not because her and Kelce have definitely replaced Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld as the most favorite celebrity couple in the NFL (sorry, Bills fans). 

It all has to do with the decision Taylor made about her game time meal.

Wait Until You See What Taylor Swift Ate At The Chiefs Game

Oh, Taylor. You should’ve said no.

Of all of the details that have surfaced about Taylor Swift at Arrowhead Stadium, this one is the biggest bummer to Buffalo.

X via @tswifterastour/Canva
X via @tswifterastour/Canva

One of the many viral tweets from Sunday shows Taylor taking a picture with a fan, seemingly inside the suite where she watched the game. Next to her lies an admittingly sad looking plate of food consisting of one single chicken finger, a dollop of ketchup, and, allegedly, ranch dressing

Do we know for sure that this depressing meal belongs to Taylor? No, we don’t. But it’s not the size of the meal that’s disappointing to Buffalo fans, but rather the choice of condiments.

X via @tswifterastour/Canva
X via @tswifterastour/Canva

This Is Why Buffalo, New York Hates Ranch Dressing

Taylor, you're not the problem. Ranch is the problem. It’s ranch.

ranch dressing
Getty Images/Canva

Every Buffalonian knows that ranch dressing has no place lying next to a chicken tender, chicken wing, chicken finger - basically any chicken dish of any sort. It’s not a matter of opinion - blue cheese is the only acceptable side. 

We’re really hoping that these social media detectives got it wrong, and that it’s actually blue cheese on Taylor Swift’s plate and not that “dressing that shall not be named.” (Although, if it is blue cheese after all, it should be a little chunkier like our cherished Rooties - but we digress).

We’d don't want to have some bad blood with Tay Tay over the worst condiment ever, but we just can't admit "it isn't love, it isn't hate, it's just indifference."

Here in Buffalo, that'd be be a filthy lie. 

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