Lots of little kids have had the debate of which superpower they would want to have if they could choose one...but what about superpowers for parents?

Most parents really are superheroes.  The things that they can fit into one day, and the things they can do are amazing!  But think about all the things you could do if you actually had superhero kinds of powers.

Teleportation, telepathy, super strength - which one would you choose?

All three of the ones I just mentioned would be the ones I would want to choose.  Teleportation because how great would it be to be able to save the time you spend going from place to place picking up and dropping kids off.  To just immediately be where you need to be would save you a ton.

Telepathy - being able to read people's minds.  I mean, if you're a dad with a teenage daughter, you get me here right?  You'd never have to ask the question, "what were you thinking?!" ever again!

And super strength...ever heard kids have the "my dad is stronger than your dad" argument with their friends.  No one would ever have to argue about that again.

A study was recently done to ask parents which superhero power they would want to have to help with their parenting.  They named these as their top 10:

1. Invisibility
2. Flying
3. Time travel
4. Teleportation
5. Super strength
6. Super healing abilities
7. Telepathy
8. Super speed
9. Talking to animals
10. Super intelligence

I see where they're going with the invisibility, but it just kind of feels wrong to have to spy on your kids to make sure they're being good.

Which superpower do you wish YOU had to make you a better parent?


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