Which is a more effective tool, a hook or a spork?  Terror suspect Abu Hamza might find that out in the next couple weeks.  He is being held in a prison in the U.S. since he was extradited from the UK last year.  Now he is fuming that he has been stripped of a prosthetic hook that he had in place of his hand.

Hamza lost his hand and an eye in an explosion that took place in Afganistan.  Up until now he’s had a hook to help him make it through his daily duties, but he has been stripped of that because it is a security concern.

His lawyers are trying to compromise and get him a prosthetic hand with a “spork” in place of the hook.  Yup…the same tool that many campers use that is a mix between a spoon and a fork.

“We’ve been trying for five months now to get our client a better prosthetic limb but they keep changing the time lines. It’s very frustrating for him. He finds it hard to eat, use the bathroom and even turn on the hot and cold taps.”  -- Lindsay Lewis (Hamza’s lawyer)

Ok…if the guy is having a hard time wiping, then I can see why he would want something to replace the hook.  But he is also demanding a laptop to work with so that he can work on his defense while he is in prison.

Are you kidding me?  He better not get a laptop!  We have to save our money if we want a laptop.  Why should he get one on our dime?  Plus, isn’t that why he’s been granted a lawyer?  That’s what she’s there for.  They have things called pens and paper if you need to write things down.  If you don’t like the rules in prison, don’t go there.  It’s simple as that.

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