‘Act of Terror’ in New York Kills 8, Injures 11
Police have confirmed that 8 people have died in what they are calling an 'act of terror'. 6 people, all men were pronounced dead right on the scene and 2 more critically injured people died at the hospital. 11 more were injured.
A man took a truck that he rented from Home Depot in lower Ma…
No More Hate!
None of us are immune to hate speech, rasist banter or political reterhic online.  I've been known to block, unfriend and do whatever needs to be done to keep crap like that off my social pages.  It does seem to get harder and harder to stay on top of clearing out the crap...
Lockdown Drill
You can never be too safe.  It's a phrase that the security team at the Walden Galleria are taking to heart as they hold a "Lockdown Drill" tomorrow, March 30.
Police License Plate Readers Expand “Big Brother”
With all the talk about the government spying on us and keeping tabs on who we call and what we search and look at on our computers comes word of what some people say is another violation of our privacy. You’ve probably seen those license plate scanners on police cars. The idea is to let police scan…