Wellllllll we were punk'd.

It seems like it finally got to Terry Pegula--the criticism of the Buffalo Bills, the label of being 'dysfunctional' and social media attacking the Bills' management and ownership the past few weeks.

Wednesday afternoon, he decided to hold a press conference. For what?

I don't have anything to announce, I just thought if you guys had any questions for me I'd give you my answers."

...and that's exactly what the media did yesterday. Will Tyrod Taylor be the Buffalo Bills' quarterback?

According to WGR: Doubtful. He's recovering from an injury so the announcement has to wait but we're planning on moving on, and he knows that. I know that's harsh. Tyrod's a super guy and played better quarterback for this team that it had seen in years. But I want to win big. I mean why else do you own a sports team? I don't need the money and I'm not really taken with this obsession about a playoff drought. Who wants to make the playoffs and lose?

When did he decide this? When did he decide to let Rex go? Pegula didn't want to leave anyone in the dark.

This guy wants a Super Bowl and I think he'll stop at nothing to eventually get to one.

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