Today is NationalGrammarDay.

I figured after a long week of heavy news stories I would share some tid bits that I found about grammar and some other things that you may be able to share at the dinner table this weekend.

One of my favorite phrases is "ain't it or no."  When I was growing up  my friend's father always said it and it stuck with me ever since.   I realize it may not be grammatically correct, but, it sure is fun to are some other fun facts about grammar and fun phrases.


10 Annoying Phrases That Serve No Purpose

Contrarian academic Stanley Fish recently had a post on his NY Times blog discussing what phrases he finds most annoying.

We're more interested in a different class of horrible phrases. The ones which are as unnecessary as they are insufferable. Not only do statements like "no offense" and "whatever" grate on the ear, they don't transmit any kind of information, which last we checked was the basic purpose of language.

Here’s a listing of  10 maddeningly superfluous additions:

10. It is what it is

This newcomer is the epitome of an ear-grating phrase that means nothing.

9. It's all good

The inclusion of "all" only accentuates how much you don't mean what you are saying.

8. To be honest

Not only is this phrase usually followed by something best left unsaid, but it also implies everything else you say is dishonest.

7. No offense

A phrase even more insincere than it is superfluous.

6. Whatever

In a recent survey, 47 percent of Americans chose this word compound as the most annoying phrase of all. Meaning you have permission to smack anyone who uses it and isn't a 12-year-old girl. (And it's a close call on smacking any 12-year-old girl who uses the "w" word.)

5. Don't get me wrong

Isn't it implicit in most human communication that your intention is always to be correctly understood?

4. With all due respect


3. Everything happens for a reason

A completely worthless utterance that probably doubles as a vicious taunt to those who have undergone terrible hardships.

2. At the end of the day

At the end of the day, you will be preparing for bed. (With apologizes to John Maynard Keynes.)

1. Going forward

Saying this is like announcing your next footstep.

What’s The Ugliest Sounding Word In The English Language

In a poll, American speech teachers came up with the ugliest-sounding words in the English language.

Their list included plump, gripe, sap, jazz, crunch, treachery, cacophony, phlegmatic, plutocrat, and flatulence.  No ”Vomit” on the list?

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