Burgers are never a bad idea when you go out somewhere to eat lunch or dinner. They're the fallback along with chicken fingers on any menu.

But one variation of the classic burger never seems to get enough credit, and it most definitely should: the patty melt.

Patty melts include a burger patty that is sandwiched between two slices of rye or sourdough toast, and often includes cheese, sautéed onions and even peppers. I think I actually might prefer them to the standard burger, simply because of that buttered toast that replaces the bun. It gives it that extra crunch.

It's a menu item that immediately grabs my attention whenever I see it on a particular menu, because not all restaurants have a patty melt, sadly. The ones that do, however, are well-known to my fiancée and I.

Which places in Western New York serve up the best patty melts?

Some of them may be off the beaten path, but certainly some awesome diners are on there, as well as longstanding Buffalo restaurant traditions in the city, northtowns and southtowns.

Here are the 10 best patty melts in Buffalo and Western New York.

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