Some people are the WORST and should never be allowed to adopt or buy animals ever again. It's hard to believe what some people think owning animal will entail and some people are just not cut out for it. An animal charity called Dog Trust has released some of the top reasons people have returned their pets.

12 Pathetic Reasons People Have Returned Their Dog To A Shelter

1. 'I won a free vacation and I couldn't take my dogs with me.'
2. 'I'm a vegetarian but he always wanted to eat meat.'
3. 'I got him as a secret Santa present.'
4. 'She was too friendly and wanted to greet every dog and human we met on a walk.'
5. 'He was panting too much.'
6. 'He didn't like it when we played dress up.'
7. 'She sleeps in her own bed all night - I thought she would want to sleep in my bed.'
8. 'He doesn't match our furniture.'
9. 'She wags her tail far too much.
10.'Now he has lost weight he is too energetic.'
11.'If I'd known anything about beagles, I wouldn't have got one I had to spend an hour a day        hovering as he shed so much hair.'
12. 'The dog is always staring at me - even when I am eating.'

With the thousands of special and ready-to-adopt animals in shelters it's a shame some people take the responsibility so lightly.


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