You ever hear people say "there are no jobs out there"?

Does it ever drive you nuts?

Because there are tons of jobs out there, maybe it is not just the perfect job for them--but, there are jobs out there.

Well, if you are getting ready to go to a job interview, you might want to prepare. A very popular question during the job interview is "name one of your strengths", which is probably a heck of a lot easier than answering the hardest question during a job interview:

What is one of your weaknesses?  

It is not an easy question to ask. They are basically asking you to tell them something negative about themselves. When you answer though, turn it into a positive. Here is the answer that you can use. I use this one and employers seem to love it.

Impatient. Tell the interview that you are impatient because you love tasks to go smooth and efficient and you do not like them to go anything but. It shows that you are answer the question, but it also shows that you are someone who gets things done and does them properly.

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Speaking of jobs, if you are actually looking for a change, there is a job fair going on.....and you don't even need to get dressed up and go. Look no further than the Western New York Virtual Job Fair. There are plenty of businesses in Buffalo and the Western New York area that are looking for qualified candidates to help them on their road to success. Check out the WYRK Virtual Job Fair here!

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