When was the last time you were on a horse? For most people, it was most likely a vacation or perhaps your honeymoon? Or perhaps it goes way back to when you were a kid and mom and dad had you on a horse for a few lessons here or there.

Best Views In Erie County

But there are plenty of places around Buffalo Western New York an Rochester areas to get on a horse and enjoy the serenity of horseback riding.

We put it out to our WYRK listeners to find the best places around Western New York to either ride a horse or get some lessons.

  • Northern Lights Equine Rescue Silver Creek
  • Lakeside Quarter Horses Youngstown
  • Jaxon’s Sky Equestrian Center LLC
  • Dream Bo Stables Akron
  • Windy Pines in Colden
  • Whispering Timbers in East Aurora
  • Skibbereen Farm in Orchard Park
  • Bridgman Stables Varysburg
  • Lonesome Pines Farnham
  • Cross Patch in Great Valley
  • Blakestone Stables in Sardinia
  • Amblefoot Farms in Medina
  • Spruce Meadow in Clarence
  • Kingbrook Farms in Chaffee
  • TMC Performance Horses in Cuba
  • Hunters Ridge in Lockport
  • Autumns Gate In Ransomville
  • Nash Hill Equestrian in Gowanda
  • Phoenix Rising Equestrian in Clarence
  • High Time Stables in East Aurora
  • Buffalo Equestrian Center in Buffalo
  • Integrity Stables in Pembroke
  • Heart To Heart in Alexander
  • Double Dab Stables in Ripley
  • Everyone has a story about riding a horse for the first time. Most of them end up with the horse either spooking or not going anywhere when you want it to. But I think most people who train horses or are around them most of the time will tell you that it all comes down to your demeanor around a horse. Horses seem to pick up on nerves and can sense when you are not feeling like you are in control. It’s almost as if they take it vantage of that fear or They know when you are not in control and simply don’t want to do anything you ask them to do. It is a lot like having teenage kids if you think about it.

    The fall could be the perfect time for you or the family to get back on a horse. And if you’ve got kids, horseback riding lessons are a great way for them to get some exercise and also learn responsibility. As those who own horses will tell you, it is more than just putting a saddle on and going on a trail.

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