February 28th was known this year as "National Public Sleeping Day." If you missed it this year, here are a few places to consider to celebrate when the 2018 edition comes around.

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Beaver Island State Park

Beaver Island State Park is located at the south end of Grand Island in the upper Niagara River. The 950 acre park has a half-mile sandy beach for swimming,  playgrounds and picnic areas. (Parks.ny.gov)

Metro Rail/Bus Ride

"Metro is public transportation for Erie and Niagara Counties. Metro covered 10 million miles in 2014, with 26 million boardings. A rail system serving the heart of Buffalo that is 100 percent emission free, and some of that electricity is hydropower. You have to take a bike to put less carbon in the air."  (NFTA.com)

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Knox Farm Sate Park

"Knox Farm State Park is the former country estate of Buffalo's renowned Knox Family. It is located adjacent to the historic village of East Aurora, birthplace of the Roycroft Arts & Crafts movement and former home of Millard Fillmore. The park's 633 acres are comprised of a variety of habitats, including 400 acres of grasslands (pastures and hayfields), and 100 acres of woodlands, ponds and several wetland areas" (Parks.ny.gov)


The Swing at Chesnutt Ridge

"Chestnut Ridge, named by early settlers of the region for the wealth of Great Chestnut trees on the hills. The park is approximately 1231 acres. The Casino, est. in 1925 provided a meeting area for public and private uses. Included in the Casino design was a fireplace, concession counter and observation platform on the upper level- it offered an impressive view of Buffalo to the Canadian shore." (Erie.gov/parks)

Adirondack Chairs at Canalside

Canalside is the perfect setting for an afternoon or evening snooze. With the gentle breezes off of Lake Erie, the sound of the waves and murmur of the boat motors passing by, it's almost impossible not to fade off into a soft slumber. (CanalSideBuffalo.com)

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Erie Canal Boat Ride in Lockport

"You can arrange special private charter times for your groups of 25 or more. You can choose the length of your trip and add food and beverages. Charter cruises can travel east for a relaxing canal cruise..." (LockporLocks.com)

Hammocks at Wilkeson Pointe

According to a recent article by Buffalo Rising:

Wilkeson Pointe already has a number of amenities in place, including permanent bathrooms, water taxi docking, wind sculptures, an awesome playground, a beach, volleyball courts, rain gardens, walking paths.." (Buffalo Rising)

Park Bench at Glen Falls 

"What really shines is the park it is within; certainly making it one of the more enjoyable ones to visit. The park’s open spaces and paved walkways offer easy viewing of the multi-tiered cascade." (NYFalls)