We have all heard the cliché “ accidents happen.” But what is the next step after you have been involved in some sort of accident?

I was cleaning up in our garage the other day and picked up a old fender to a truck I am working on. It was very sharp around the edges almost like razor blade sharpened. As I was moving it from one spot to another I thought to myself I better not let this touch my skin it may cut me wide-open. No sooner did I finish that thought and I noticed that my shin was purging blood. It was my day off and I did not want to waste time getting stitches or having it looked at so I decided to just take care of it at home with a bunch of alcohol wipes and Band-Aids and gauze and tape.

Truth is, I probably should have gotten a stitch or two. What are the best locations to go to if you have a cut, or other injury when you are at home? I have put together a list of what Yelp considers to be the top urgent care walk-in centers in the Buffalo area.

Top Urgent Care Walk In Centers In Buffalo

These days, many of the urgent care walk-in centers are also places for people to go when they are feeling sick with flu like symptoms or even COVID-19. Vaccinations are available at many of these locations as well. Make sure you call ahead or visit the individual websites for more information.

I was lucky that my cut on my leg healed and stopped bleeding with just a few things that we had available at the house. Not many people consider the first aid kit that they have until it may be too late. Perhaps my story will motivate you to either order a first aid kit or keep this list below handy in case there is some sort of cut or other accident that happens at your house or when you are on the job somewhere. It may also be a good idea to have a first aid kit available in your car or truck.

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