Thank God for all of our first responders. There was a massive fire that broke out at Sleepy Hollow Campgrounds and the pictures look devastating on Sunday night.

According to some who were involved, the fire had first responders at the scene for quite some time.

Sleepy Hollow is located at 13800 Siehl Rd, Akron, NY 14001 and is over 100 acres for RVs and campers. According to the Facebook post from Newstead Fire Co., propane tanks were venting and the fire and the community center at Sleepy Hollow was up in flames. The rec hall is located between Sleepy Hollow Lake and camping section 'A'.

Last night at 20:51 Newstead firefighters were alerted to a possible structure fire inside Sleepy Hollow Campgrounds. Initial reports were 1 and possibly more trailers on fire. Newstead chiefs arrived on scene and reported the community rec building was on fire and two large Propane tanks were venting. It is unknown how long the building was on fire prior to dispatch as the building had collapsed prior to arrival. Newstead received Mutual aid on scene from the Akron, Clarence, Clarence Center, and Crittenden Fire Companies. Fire investigators reported the fires origin appeared to be electrical in nature.

Hats off to all of our brave men and women who helped last night and this morning.

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