VIDEO: Did Anyone See This Fire Yesterday?!
A massive fire started at about 4:30 p.m. yesterday at 120 Earhart Drive in Amherst, just north of the airport. This is a massive facility where they make masks and personal protection items. The building called Premium PPE had dark smoke over it, and even early this morning firefighters were still …
Man Gets Caught On Fire At Buffalo Bills Game…..Again
It happened--again.
Before that embarrassing 'football game' at New Era Field today, someone decided to light themselves on fire. One would assume that they wanted to copy the excessive tailgating behavior from the previous week where one guy jumped on a folding table that was on fire only …
Saves Family From Fire
This is a story that as a cat owner I can actually believe! A family in Alberta, Canada is now safe because their cat noticed flames in the house and went into its owner's bedroom and bit the owner on the arm until she woke up. Once the woman finally woke up and realized wha…
Widespread Smoke
There is no question that the fire on Rt. 5 in Lackawanna this morning at the former Bethlehem Steel building was a big one.  The smoke was visible for miles.  I was surprised that even miles away on a cloudy/gray day, the smoke could be seen clearly.

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