One elderly woman was trapped inside a burning home on Tuesday night, and the only reason she was able to escape is thanks to one Lewiston Police officer.

Jon Smith was the first Lewiston Police officer to arrive on scene of the burning home. At approximately a quarter after 11 at night, a fire sparked and began to spread at 1345 Swann Rd. 

When Officer Smith saw that the house was fully engulfed in flames by the time of his arrival, he sprinted from down the street towards the home. 

“How many? How many? How many?” Officer Smith could be heard yelling as he approached the three individuals who were already standing outside the home, trying to tell their older relative potential routes she could use to flee the home.

Officer Smith saw the resident in the home struggling, and he was quick on his feet; when he located the one trapped elderly woman through the first-floor window of the burning home, he sprung into action in an effort to save her. 

You can hear the woman coughing on Smith’s body cam footage as the officer walks to her in the burning home. 

Officer Smith’s body camera footage happened to catch all of the heroic rescue. 



It is crazy to think that it only took Officer Smith 75 seconds to get the woman out of the home. 

Lewiston Police had the woman evaluated at the scene, and she was not transported for medical attention, nor was any resident reported injured from the fire.

An estimate on the residential damage has not yet been specified, but it is expected to be significant. 

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