Sometimes we just like to pass on the good news. After all, we hear so much bad news.

Someone passing by yesterday noticed that there was a fire happening at a home on Mosher Drive in Tonawanda.

They called 911 and the City of Tonawanda Fire Department arrived along with the City Of Tonawanda Police Department and Twin City Ambulance Fillmore Quarters.

They found out that there was a dog in the crate upstairs and they went in to go save the dog and when they brought him out, they pulled out the oxygen mask and got him back up to speed.

Good news: he started wagging his tail and seemed happy when they left.

Thank goodness for our local fire departments, too. Without them, who would come assist in on emergencies and fires? We talk about the importance and the appreciation we have for all of the men and women that take time out of their already busy days to volunteer and serve our communities.

There is a website that you can join in order to find local fire companies that need guys and girls to join. Just type in your zip code and it will tell you a fire company, the contact info and what they are looking for.

For example: Erie County Volunteer Fire in Cheektowaga is looking for these positions to be filled-Firefighter, EMT, Fundraising, Community Education, Department Support, Other.

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