It looks like the Bills Mafia is taking over not only Western New York, but most of the country too!

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A new study conducted shows that the Bills are the most popular NFL team in 7 different states based on hashtags. The Bills were ranked #1 in New York State as well as North and South Carolina, Florida, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah.

There are plenty of reasons Bills fans are in the South. A lot of people from the 716 moved south recently. Also, our head coach used to coach for the Panthers in Charlotte. Florida is much warmer than Buffalo and Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami all stink so I get why Buffalo would be number 1 with hashtags.

I guess Buffalo is big in Wyoming because Josh Allen played his college football there.

As for Colorado and Utah...I have no idea!

All I can say if the Bills win big this Sunday, you might see some Buffalove in California too!


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