The Buffalo Bills need a franchise quarterback.  That’s kind of a given at this point.  And this year might be the year they HAVE to trade up to get one.  If they were planning on waiting on one to come to them, Cleveland may have just changed the Bills’ plans.

The NFL draft is a very unsure thing.  There is no formula or scientific equation that will prove whether or not any player chosen will be a success or a total bust.  You can have as many picks as you’d like, if you don’t use them appropriately, the draft is useless.

That seems to have been the case for the Cleveland Browns for the last couple of years.  They’ve passed on players who have turned out to be incredible, for players who haven’t really made a big impact, especially in the quarterback department.

They’ve picked players like Colt McCoy, Brady Quinn, and Johnny Manziel who never really showed their full potential in the NFL and passed on players who have proven their success.  Rumor has it, they aren’t going to make that same mistake this year.  They’ve got the 1st overall pick and the 4th overall pick in this year’s draft.  According to multiple sources, the Browns are toying with the idea of picking a quarterback with both of those picks to give them a better chance of landing the right guy.

How does that affect the Bills?  Well, we need a franchise quarterback too, and we don’t pick until the 12th selection.  Depending on who you listen to, the “draft experts” will tell you that there are really just 4 top quarterbacks in this draft.  The names at the top are Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, and Baker Mayfield.  While some are also impressed with Lamar Jackson and Mason Rudolph, having half of the prime players gone within the first 4 picks doesn’t bode well for The Bills.

So while they’re saying they are possibly going to hang out at 12 (a plan that I was a fan of – I’d rather see them take a chance and use picks on players than to use them all as draft capital), they may have to package them all and get up into the top 2 to get their guy.  Whoever they have on their radar might not still be available at 12…or even 5.

But they can’t just buy their way into that top spot, they need to have someone to sell it to them.

We will see what they do (if they do anything at all) on Thursday April 26th.  Come out and join us as we watch the draft together at Hat Trix for their First Annual Pro Football Draft party from 8-10pm.  If you think you know what’s going to happen, fill out the draft board.  We will be scoring your sheets throughout the night and if you get the most right, you could win a 50” Flat Screen TV from Dirt Cheap TV!

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