Wow, can you believe this was four years ago!? For International Firefighters Day we thought we would do a little throw back to the time we were invited to visit the firefighters at the Buffalo-Niagara Airport. This was an awesome visit! We had lunch, toured their facilities and even got to ride around the airport! Who knew that much went on behind the scenes at the airport?! This is one of our favorite visits we've done!

Thank you to all the firefighters who do this day in and day out!

October, 2013

We get to do some pretty cool things working in this business, and this definitely goes on the list! Clay, Dale and I were invited to hang out and get a tour of the fire station at the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport. Not only did we get to go behind the scenes, they also made us lunch!

It is unreal how much goes on behind the scenes at an airport that the public never knows about. From everyday training to the numerous calls they respond to everyday, it's hard work!

After we toured the fire station, we checked out all the vehicles, and then they took us on a ride-a-long! Talk about cool!!! We even got to go on board Ginger, their training plane that was donated by FedEx. I can say that I feel a lot safer now knowing who is out there making sure we're safe when traveling the friendly skies!

We can't thank Amy, Bill and the whole crew enough for inviting us out! It was definitely a day we'll never forget!

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