The Bills have just a couple of hours at this point to get their roster down to the magic number of 53.  In the past 24 hours, they've shaved off two more players.

But they haven't just thrown them back into the pool.  The Bills have been able to turn players into draft picks.

Yesterday, the news was that the Bills had traded OL Wyatt Teller and a 7th round draft pick to the Cleveland Browns for a 5th and 6th round draft pick.

Today, it was another offensive lineman.

Russell Bodine was brought in from the Cincinnati Bengals last year and started 10 games for the Bills before suffering an injury that kept him out.  This year, an oblique injury has kept him off the field throughout the entire preseason.

The Bills traded Bodine to the New England Patriots for a 6th round pick.

I get makes your skin itch a little to think about dealing anyone to the Patriots, but why not?  If this player was about to be cut from the roster anyway, why not get something for him?

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