Some of the Buffalo Jills have sued The Buffalo Bills starting back in 2014 and the ordeal is still going on.

The Buffalo Bills' cheerleading team filed a lawsuit against them back in 2014 saying the team and its contractors paid them less than minimum wage + made them work various public appearances for free.

The cheerleaders learned this week that the Supreme Court upheld a decision that an Erie County judge made validating the ex-cheerleaders' lawsuit as a class action suit after an appeal was filed by the Buffalo Bills, Cumulus Radio + the NFL trying to get the decision overturned. According to WGRZ:

The suit alleges some Jills -- who were considered to be independent contractors -- were subjected to sexual harassment at events and that members of the squad were provided with detailed instructions on proper hygiene and how to behave in public. While the cheerleader actions against all other teams have been resolved, the Buffalo Jills action continues.


Last May, the Jills won a decision confirming their status as employees, allowing them to recover wages at their regular hourly rate of $35 an hour, or at least the minimum wage for the work between the years 2008-2014.

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