It's never easy to lose a family member.  Today, the Buffalo Zoo is mourning the loss of one of their own "family members" as they say goodbye to Agnes the giraffe.

A few days ago the zoo announced that they were administering end of life care to their 24 year old giraffe named Agnes.  Today, they've made the announcement that she is no longer with us.  The giraffe exhibit will be closed today.


According to the zoo, Agnes was suffering from "advanced arthritis and other health issues that has not responded to treatment."

Agnes was born here at the Buffalo Zoo on August 8, 1994, and has been a resident her entire life.

She was able to help continue the giraffe population and has contributed to many generations of giraffes including her daughter Zuri who is also still at the Buffalo Zoo.

Buffalo Zoo President & CEO Norah Fletchall said,

“Agnes has lived a long life and will leave an even longer legacy. It’s a testament to the exceptional work of our teams here at the Zoo that Agnes has lived well into her golden years. Agnes is deeply loved and well cared for here in Buffalo. She will be missed.”


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