If you drive, pay attention to the lights that appear on your dashboard!

Not only will it save you money to keep you car maintained, it may save you in some extreme cases.

What light do most young drivers say they can't recognize? Goodyear Auto Service says it's the "low pressure (tire) " indicator light.?

51-percent of millennials and Generation Z were able to identify the warning light telling them one of their tires is underinflated.  That's compared to 88-percent who able to identify the eye roll emoji.

The study found that 39-percent of all drivers couldn't recognize the tire warning symbol.

I am old enough to remember cars that didn't have nearly the amount of helpful lights and devices. You had to physically check tire pressure and oil before long trips. The days of heated seats and "idiot lights" have definitely made it easier to keep a vehicle in top performing condition.

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