It was an incredible weekend and start to the new year for the Buffalo Bills and one local restaurant thanks to Dave Portnoy and his fundraising efforts.

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he Eagle House in Williamsville

In a Tweet posted on Sunday, Dave Portnoy called The Eagle House, the oldest restaurant in the Buffalo area, to tell them that they will be getting some money to help keep them in Business. It was a very emotional call, to say the least with a promise to pay it forward. "It was an easy choice" according to Portnoy who is clearly a fan of Josh Allen and the playoff-bound Buffalo Bills.

Heading to the new year, many small businesses in the nation, but more specifically, here in Erie County have taken a big hit. Shutdowns and regulations have been changed so often that it is hard to even keep their heads above water. But funds like this from Barstool have helped in a big way to keep payroll and other costs paid.

There are lawsuits pending against New York and the SLA regarding closures and fines. Business owners, like the rest of us, are anxiously waiting for the vaccine to roll out and some of the regulations and restrictions to ease back so the business can continue in more of a regular fashion.

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