It was March 24th 2006 when a fresh face young girl named Miley, the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus hit the airwaves on the Disney Channel as Hannah Montana.  Now, five years later Miley's an international superstar who's sold millions of albums and concert tickets and millions of dollars' worth of merchandise, and also sparked what seems like a million scandals.  I remember when the Hannah Montana tour was in full swing and how so many parents would’ve done just about anything to get their “tween” daughter a ticket to the show.  Since then Miley has gone from sweet and innocent to a recurring skit on SNL.  Now her once overly popular show “Hannah Montana” says goodbye with the final episode tonight on the Disney Channel. 

What's next for Miley?  She'll appear in the upcoming film L.O.L., opposite Demi Moore, and is also shooting another film called So Undercover.  She'll likely continue to tour and record as well.  Or she’ll just continue to give us more scandals involving legal-in-California hallucinogenic drugs, stripper-like onstage behavior or too-skimpy outfits.  I guess this is a wait and see thing.